Survival Team Building Outdoor Adventure

Survival! A stimulating challenge in the art of survival


  • 3 hours - 8 hours
  • Outdoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Challenge your people to the ultimate team experience as they work together to survive in the wild
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Program outline

Introducing Survival!...

Developed to bring out the best in people by placing them in a new and challenging environment, Survival! Is all about challenging your people to step out of their comfort zone whilst, at the same time, discovering more about themselves and their colleagues. Survival! Is a one or two day outdoor challenge, designed for a maximum of forty participants. It can be staged in most rugged corners of the globe and, with safety paramount, has been developed to suit all participants, not just outdoor types. Each Survival! Programme is completely bespoke and based around the profile of your participants; it can also be tailored to fit with your organisation’s needs and desired outcomes, ensuring that everyone has an important part to play in the success of the team - whether at work or in the wild. Unlike other providers of this genre, we bring a unique sense of theatre and entertainment to the Survival! Experience, with many interesting and intricately crafted scenarios that are highly relevant to teams working together in the business environment. Perhaps just as importantly, Survival! Is a fun, memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

What will happen during Survival!?

  • Having arrived at your chosen destination, your teams will begin by creating tribal identities for themselves (this is the first stage in building a sense of mutual trust and interdependency).
  • Under expert guidance, they will then learn a range of survival skills, including how to build a shelter; light a fire without matches; fish without a real hook, line or sinker; and cook on an open fire.
  • They will also prepare themselves for their first night in the open.
  • Depending on whether you have selected the one or two day programme, training may then continue the following day.
  • Your team’s skills will be increased through training in navigation, communication, water transport, rope skills, as well as hunting and rough terrain safety.
  • As their competence steadily increases, your team identity and organisation will become established and your participants will become more at ease with their new surroundings and more confident in tackling the greater challenges we will place before them.
  • At the end of the programme, your participants will leave with a great sense of achievement, knowing they have not only discovered more about themselves and their colleagues but together they have also taken on the ultimate challenge and more than survived!

Learning and development outcomes

In Survival!, participants are taken out of their regular environment and challenged to learn new skills. Team members develop mutual trust and respect for the others in their group, many of whom will have opposing work styles to themselves. The environment is controlled and the activities, although challenging, ensure that everyone is involved and finishes the activity with a sense of personal achievement. 

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Key Business Benefits

  • Exploring Excellence
  • Managing change
  • Practical leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams

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