Re Dub Team Building Program

Re-Dub Script and rehearse a movie clip


  • 1 hour - 2 hours
  • Indoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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With enthusiasm, fun and teamwork provide the voices to the action in this hilarious voiceover challenge
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Program outline

Introducing Screen Test…

Inject a dose of creativity, humour and fast-paced decision making into your conference or corporate programme with this hilarious voiceover challenge. Having provided your delegates with a dialogue-free movie clip, they will be invited to explore your company information, conference messages or key facts as they provide the voices to the action. Creativity, strong communication skills and considerable energy will be required to complete this challenge to deadline, whilst role allocation, bold decision making and a great sense of timing will all be critical to your team's success. Screen Test is an extremely flexible format that provides a lively and interactive way to explore and reinforce your conference or company messages. With fun, action, hilarity and teamwork, Screen Test is guaranteed to bring energy and amusement to any conference or corporate programme.

What will happen during Screen Test?

  • To begin, we will provide each of your teams with a DVD player that has been loaded with a brief movie clip.
  • The clips are intentionally eclectic in their style and genre, however they all feature interaction between a colourful mix of characters.
  • Some clips are well-known scenes from major blockbusters, whilst others are less well known but equally significant or hilarious.
  • Most importantly, we have removed the original dialogue from all the footage, ensuring that each clip offers your teams a unique opportunity to deliver their company message in a memorable or amusing manner.
  • We will then give each of your teams a specific company-related topic and challenge them to script and rehearse suitable dialogue to complement their action.
  • In a grand finale, each team will have the opportunity to deliver a 'once only', live presentation as they take their turn in the on air booth to voiceover their unique version of the scene.
  • With their microphones at the ready and their film clip paused on the big screen, the tension will mount as the countdown clock cues them in ready for showtime!

Learning and development outcomes

Timing and co-ordination are key to perfect synchronisation. Re-Dub is a powerful team building event to explore messaging about communication, values and customer service. Strong leadership is required to complete the challenge to deadline. Role allocation, communication and bold decision making are critical to the success of the event.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Service
  • Energising a conference
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Project planning
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Strategy Communication
  • Team Dynamics
  • Visualising The Future

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