Out Of The Box Interactive Fun Activities for the Office

Out Of The Box Create a display that expresses team views


  • 1 hour - 3 hours
  • Indoors
  • Competitive and Collaborative
  • Minimum: 20
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Box clever with everyday work issues to harness the thinking power, creativity and knowledge of your delegates
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Program outline

Introducing Out Of The Box…

Out of the Box is an ingenious way to manage any hot, problematic or difficult situations that face your company or organisation. Away from the day-to-day work environment, the unique format of Out of the Box allows multiple issues such as internal marketing, communications or business development to be tackled and solutions developed in a short space of time. Challenging and motivational, Out of the Box is incredibly effective at harnessing the thinking power, creativity and knowledge of your delegates. Because it is so different, it is also very memorable, ensuring that retention levels are noticeably high. The concentrated effort experienced by delegates similarly means that Out Of The Box results in changed attitudes, fresh ideas and a stronger team spirit. Everyone knows that the best ideas always come from thinking Out Of The Box, so why not encourage your delegates to do so today?

What will happen during Out Of The Box?

  • To begin, your delegates will be invited into the conference room only to discover that the space is empty apart from a number of large wooden crates.
  • On each crate will be a bold label with a topic that needs addressing, together with the name of a workshop group.
  • By folding the crates out into a large display stand, delegates will discover details of their issue or topic inside, together with supporting material and a multitude of props and equipment.
  • Each team’s task will be to create a display that addresses their issue or topic by using the contents of their crate.
  • Once complete, each display will be brought to life as your teams give live presentations to the other delegates, explaining their analysis, findings and recommendations.

Learning and development outcomes

Challenging and lots of fun, Out of the Box has proved to be incredibly effective at harnessing the thinking power, creativity and knowledge of delegates for a wide range of organisations.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Strategy Communication
  • Visualising The Future

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