Trade Winds Group Team Building Fun Activities

Trade Winds Themed team negotiation & trading game


  • 1 hour - 2 hours
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 24
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Take your delegates to the high seas in this swash-buckling business adventure and find out who will become the richest crew in port

Program outline

Introducing Trade Winds…

Ahoy there, me hearties! There’s a fortune to be made on the high seas, so hoist the Jolly Roger, cast off and set sail for Trade Winds! This is a fun, fast-moving and swash-buckling business adventure that involves negotiating, gathering information, networking and building trust. Set in Port Royal in the 17th Century, Trade Winds evokes a period of great opportunity for the wise and quick-witted. To be a successful pirate in Trade Winds requires more than a shiny cutlass and a sharp tongue! It takes clever negotiation, creative thinking and strategic planning to become the richest crew in port.  Trade Winds is easy to understand but a real challenge to master. As a business game, it is a valuable experience that reinforces the key knowledge that trust, networking and relationships are vital for any business to succeed. A versatile event that can be played in about one hour, Trade Winds is rousing fun and can be themed to create a full-blown pirate atmosphere. Add some Caribbean cuisine and Trade Winds is the centrepiece of an unforgettable event that will put the ‘yo ho ho’ into every participating pirate!

What will happen during Trade Winds?

  • Each of your teams will become the crew of a pirate ship docking into Port Royal with chattels and bounty to trade.
  • Cutlasses, eye patches and bandanas will all be provided for your teams to experience the full thrill of this high seas adventure.
  • During their four-year voyage, each team must raise the value of their cargo, which will have been provided in different denominations of gold, silver, rum, spices and so on.
  • To begin, everybody’s cargo will be equal.
  • After a short briefing, the negotiations must start and will inevitably build into a frenzy of bartering and trading.
  • At the end of each ‘year’, your teams must all return to port where a bounty will be paid on certain goods and shipmates will have the opportunity to share market information.
  • At the end of trading time, our cashier will tally your teams' scores.
  • The ship with the highest value of goods (booty) and cash (Pieces of Eight) will be crowned captain of the high seas.

Learning and development outcomes

A quick and clever activity where teams negotiate and trade to maximise their returns. Although this is a competitive exercise, the most successful teams are those that collaborate with others to build win-win outcomes while at the same time focussing on their own bottom line results.  During a review process, winning strategies are shared and pertinent learnings are applied to the workplace.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Customer Service
  • Energising a conference
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Managing change
  • Networking
  • Risk management
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams

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