You Bet You Can

Teams watch challenges then select and invest in your team's performance to win.

1 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
30 - Unlimited


This action packed adventure captures Youtube mania and positions it in a flexible teambuilding context. Youtube documents some amazing evidence of what can be achieved when individuals work together as one. In You Bet You Can teams browse through a menu challenges. They then view specific ‘action’ clips to establish a ‘viability factor’. The crux of the game focuses on teams betting on their own performance. Achieve the success criteria within the given time frame and they double their bet. Fail and they lose not only the time and effort invested but also their original investment!

Learning Outcomes

In You Bet You can teams have to learn to work together efficiently and effectively, identifying and capitalising on individual strengths. They must be realistic in their appraisal of their collective abilities, reassessing their game plan with each challenge they bet on and approach. Teams that accurately assess their abilities, learn to focus their energy and manage their resources effectively are the ultimate winners.

You Bet You Can taught us the importance of not seeing everything from our own view point, being realistic about our own capabilities and appreciating that the way other people do things may be a great solution! Taught us to listen to each other more.

InterContinental Hotel Group

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