Manulife members collaborate thanks to Go Team

Published on May 21, 2019


Manulife Vietnam had set a goal to become a leading digital company in the assurance field. They would like to turn their customers to digital experiences with the highest satisfaction level. To achieve their goal, they were looking for an interactive technology-based team building activity. Go Team was the activity of choice.

manulife go team team building activity catalyst vietnam

Manulife also wanted to embed their values into the event and connect members from various agencies located across Vietnam.


On the day of the event held in Dalat, 300 members participated in the Go Team activity "Unleash the Power". Participants were divided into 35 teams to compete together while solving 60 tasks throughout the event.

The activity was designed to promote creative and out of the box thinking while connecting with each other. Coming from different branches, most of the participants had never worked together, and some did not even know each other before attending the event. Go Team was an excellent way to boost internal communication skills and build an active collaboration among all the participants.

manulife go team team building activity catalyst vietnam

While working together to reach a common goal, all individuals had the opportunity to understand each other and themselves better. They put aside their difference in point of view and appreciated each other's skills and strengths, which allowed them to work together effectively to reach the goal.


The event was a great success and matched the clients' expectation by highlighting their values. All participants had a chance to connect and bond while having fun together and creating long-lasting memories.

manulife go team team building activity catalyst vietnam

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